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Too much underground? No problem! This week we are exploring Cavanaugh’s Hall,  the ruins of which comprise an old tower, some razed walls and a few chambers carved into an outcropping of rock looking down over the farming community of Three Hills (a farming community famous for it’s frequent export of sorcerers, it seems there may be something in the water or some planar instability here, but for a community of a couple hundred farmers, there’s at least two or three sorcerers of significant ability in each generation).

Cavanaugh himself was a sorcerer who it is said worked hand-in-hand with celestial powers of incredible might. And somewhere along the way he insulted one or perhaps a few of them and they took the opportunity to show off exactly how mighty they are.

Cavanaugh's Hall

Cavanaugh’s Hall

Because really, don’t fuck with celestials.

Cavanaugh’s Hall was drawn in a single draft in black 0.7mm gel pen in the Holly King, my dollar store mapping notebook. It is available here for your use in your home games to fiddle with as you please.

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