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Thursday night I had to get something up for this week’s Friday Map, so I went looking for my little black mapping book to slap it on the scanner.

But I couldn’t find it.

So I started digging through my gaming material and came across a blue folder that I hadn’t noticed in a few years. Inside it was a collection of maps I had drawn over the previous year. Unlike the vast majority of my work from that era, these were drawn in pencil on plain white letter paper – most of my other work was drawn in black gel pen on mixed media (mostly graph paper, but nothing was safe, not post-its, not novels, nor napkins).

In all there were about 40 maps in the folder that have never seen the pale blue light of my scanner. But that’s been corrected – I’ve scanned my favourite 18 of these maps and have scheduled them to appear on the blog twice a week for the remainder of April and all of May (yes, a few posts will include multiple maps per post).

I’ve titled these maps as “The Lost Maps”. You can find all the “Lost Maps” posted in the series by clicking the link below (of course, right now there’s just the one Lost Map, but more will be appearing as promised, and I’ll probably scan another batch in when this one is done.)

Full Lost Maps Collection

Currently the scheduled Lost Maps include a few small underground areas, some mixed above-ground / underground maps, some temples, a regional map, and an eight map megadungeon. A nice mix of big maps, small maps, and some outdoor stuff too.

The majority of these maps were for two Labyrinth Lord campaigns that I ran right around the time the AEC was released, although neither megadungeon ended up making the cut and instead I ran one campaign in another megadungeon that I drew up which you can already see by following The Grand Ruins posts that I made in 2011.

Hope you enjoy this little flashback with me. Maybe when this set is all up and the reactions are in I’ll post up another not-quite-complete megadungeon I drew up around that time. A monstrosity taking up at least ten maps…

That all said, I had better get back to digging through my gaming stuff to find the little black mapping book I was looking for in the first place. It has another three dozen or so maps that I haven’t scanned yet.