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That’s right, we’re approaching the deadline for the 2013 One Page Dungeon Contest. I’ve entered the contest twice in the past, getting an honourable mention and a win with my two entries:

Since I seem to enter every second year, I figure it’s time to start working on my entry for this year. Back in the rush after winning with Into The Worm’s Gullet I double-translated the name of the adventure through Google and got a much cooler name that I’ll be using for this year’s entry: “By Esophagus Brood”.

That’s right, we’re going back to the Worm’s Gullet for a second adventure – with a new map, new challenges and a new story taking place two years after the adventurers claimed the Heart of Dur from within the worm.

You can learn more about the One Page Dungeon Contest (and the phat lewt you can receive for entering) at the 1PDC g+ page, and at the official website (I linked to the g+ page too because the website seems to have been having a few issues lately)