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I’ve started working on my One Page Dungeon with a few notes in Evernote (yeah, I’m starting to use cloud storage to keep myself backed up and so I can work from multiple locations). I threw done a few basic notes (such as the monster types I want, and the encounter locations) and then it became time for my favourite part.

It’s time to draw the map!

I’ve been experimenting with a few changes to my standard mapping style and figured this would be a good time to try a slightly different format out. This involves more detailing of the landscape around the area, and just enjoying myself as I doodle the place together.

By Esophagus Brood

By Esophagus Brood

So here’s a snapshot of the final product (not the proper scan, that’ll turn up when I finish the whole thing off). A side view of the worm from the last One Page Dungeon contest entry I did, now without the extra construction that used to be around it (it has healed as it comes back to life, and has shed and buried those additional structures).

Finishing off the map just makes me more excited to finish off the adventure. The 1PDC entry will be system-neutral, but I’ll also post a fully statted Labyrinth Lord or B/X D&D version here.