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Continuing my flood of “lost maps”, the Reunion Islands were part of the capstone adventure for the Labyrinth Lord / AEC game I ran some four years ago (just after the release of the AEC).

The Reunion Islands have been marked as such on charts and maps for ages, and actually stems from a mistranslation of a more ancient elven sea-chart where they were listed as the Two Brothers. The elves never saw the third island of the Reunion Islands, as it was magically warded against discovery for centuries by the gods of those who lived there.

To this day several clans of magically-adept morlocks live on the smaller of the three islands, maintaining the worship of their esoteric gods. They are very xenophobic and are usually violently hostile to intruders upon their land.

The Reunion Islands

The Reunion Islands

The Reunion Islands were drawn in pencil on plain white paper, lost, found, lost again, dug up one more time to be slapped on a scanner, then abused mercilessly with extreme amounts of contrast enhancement.