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I’ve been talking about Magical Theorems & Dark Arts / Dark Pacts for many years now. I started working on it in Open Office on my linux system back in 2009 and finally took the steps to make it into a book in the last month.

Magical Theorems Cover Mockup

Magical Theorems Cover Mockup

At heart, Magical Theorems & Dark Arts / Dark Pacts is my revised rule book for Labyrinth Lord spellcasters. Emphasis on “my”. It reprints the Magic-User and Cleric (well, with a few minor tweaks that are hardly worth mentioning), and then piles on a bunch of other spellcasting classes along with their spell lists and spells. I also end up renaming the Magic-User as the Wizard because I use the term Magic-User as an umbrella for all arcane spellcasting classes.

Chapter 1 – Classes

  • Cleric (warrior-priests)
  • Wizard (classic magic-users with 10 levels of spells)
  • Elven Swordmage (elves from the core rules – arcane warriors)
  • Elven Warder (wilderness elves, guardians of their kin)
  • Enchanter (artists, con-men, and masters of… duh… enchantments)
  • Fleshcrafter (twisted magic-users that work with flesh)
  • Healer (compassionate and tough hearth-healers)
  • Inquisitor (ecclesiastic investigators and master intimidators)
  • Merchant Prince (elite merchants with spellcasting support)
  • Necromancer (you know exactly what these guys do)
  • Pact-Bound (magic-users who sell their souls for power)
  • Theurge (divine casters who learn from liturgical texts)
  • Unseen (thieves with an innate knack for magic)

Chapter 2 – Spells

All the spells for all these classes are included in the book – including reprinting all the core spells from Labyrinth Lord because just about every one of them can be cast by one or more of the new classes. But overall there is roughly a 100% increase in the number of spells available in this tome.

Chapter 3 – Magic Items

28 pages of new magic items generally aimed towards spellcasters (with a few sneak ones thrown in for the Unseen). I specifically avoided weapons and armour and put them into another file for a second book aimed towards fighters and thieves and other non spellcasting classes.

Chapter 4 – Creatures

Just a few monsters in this short chapter – ones referenced earlier in the book and my rules for summoning / conjuring alternate types of elementals (wind, crystal, dungeon, wave, moss, thorn, smoke, zephyr and so on).

Finally there’s a little section on using this book with the Advanced Edition Companion. 99% of this book was written using only the core Labyrinth Lord rules without referencing the AEC at all, and therefore there are some suggestions for mixing these rules with the AEC ones – primarily adding AEC spells to the existing spell lists, and the revised hit dice for the various classes if using the optional AEC hit dice.

In all, the book is the same size as Dyson’s Delves – a 6 x 9 inch trade hardcover coming in around 160 pages in total thickness.