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Under the city there are of course a variety of strange excavations. But few are stranger than the Machineries hidden under the old thieve’s guild. Once the tunnels used by the guild for whatever illegal purposes, they have since been repurposed by the mad archivist Ul-Vir.

Now strange machineries and clockworks adorn the walls and even patrol the halls. But surely they guard more than themselves, and Ul-Vir would not have invested so much time and effort into these passages if he hadn’t hidden something of import beyond them.

There are two stairs entering and leaving this map – the one at the top of the map leads to the surface, while those on the upper left hand corner lead down further into the tunnels beneath the city.

The Machineries of Ul-Vir the Mad

The Machineries of Ul-Vir the Mad

The Machineries of Ul-Vir the Mad was drawn with funky little gear-like structures at many corners mostly as a visual cue to remind me to use it for something with a mechanical or steampunk theme.

The map was drawn in pencil some four years ago, and was then lost until now, when it was scanned and mangled in contrast enhancement to make it visible (if not pretty).