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Megadungeon Ho!

This chunk of my lost maps flood is a series of maps designed to be one very large dungeon. Perhaps not true megadungeon-sized, but a lot bigger than most dungeons I run or draw.

Darkling Depths is a set of eight maps that link together to form a pretty massive understructure. I’ll post a map or two each map posting to get the whole thing up for your enjoyment.

Darkling Depths 1A

Darkling Depths 1A

Stairs leading up from this map lead to the surface ruins above the Darkling Depths (there are two entrances indicated thusly). Stairs leading down (of which there are four) lead down to map 2A of the Darkling Depths.

Unlike most of my maps, the Darkling Depths is pretty grid-centric. They were drawn in pencil on plain white paper with an underlying grid sheet to work as a guide. Like all the maps in these “Lost Maps” posts, I put them away in a folder for later use and then lost them for about four years. They’ve been rediscovered, scanned, and contrast-enhanced.