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I originally posted Cavanaugh’s Hall to the blog in the beginning of April. Now let’s join together to explore it!

Cavanaugh’s Hall is a short site-based encounter for Labyrinth Lord characters of levels 7-8.


Characters can each hear one rumour while nearby (in a nearby town at the inn, talking to wandering gypsy, stealing people’s mail, etc). This typically requires a positive reaction roll or some amount of larceny. Roll 1d12 on the rumour table.

  1. [F] A mysterious elven sorceress has claimed Cavanaugh’s Hall as her domain, and her oracular visions extend into other worlds. She has the knowledge you seek…
  2. [T] The sorceress at Cavanaugh’s Hall is held prisoner by a mighty and secretive creature.
  3. [T] Massive hunting beasts live around the hill where Cavanaugh’s Hall once stood and attempt to bring down just about anything that travels the area.
  4. [F] An evil warlord has taken over Cavanaugh’s Hall, his laughter can be heard ringing through the surrounding valleys. [Actually the sound of the giant hyenas)
  5. [F] A vast beast made of vines and other plantlife rules the hill. Beware and bring flame wherever you go!
  6. [T] Cavanaugh himself was a sorcerer who is said to have worked hand-in-hand with celestial powers of incredible might. And somewhere along the way he insulted one or perhaps a few of them and they took the opportunity to show off exactly how mighty they are. The ruins are all that remain to attest to this.
  7. [T] There’s a tower on the hillside that is magically locked and probably not as heavily looted as the rest of the ruins.
  8. [T] Perhaps clearing the ruins of Cavanaugh’s Hall would appease some celestial beings and work as penance for those who have allowed their faith to slip. [Like paladins and clerics]
  9. [F] The laughter from the hill isn’t a foul warlord, but a tribe of bloodthirsty gnolls.
  10. [F] Cavanaugh was not slain, but still haunts the ruins, casting strange magics on those who tresspass.
  11. [T] The ruins themselves can turn on explorers, so be cautious, particularly in the excavations.
  12. [F] The signet ring of Cavanaugh can open a secret door from the deepest recesses of the ruins into an entire subterranean city.

Wandering Monsters

The region is of course subject to the typical encounters with hostile forces, however most animals have learned to steer clear of a place overrun by giant hyenas. Roll for a wandering monster once every hour.

2 – 1d4x10 Brigands (Men)
3 – 1d3 Giant Hyenas
4 – 2d6 Wolves
5 – 1d2 Giant Hyenas
6 – 1d6+1 Ogres
7 – 1d3 Giant Hyenas
8 – 1d4+1 Dire Wolves

Cavanaugh's Hall, Keyed

Cavanaugh’s Hall, Keyed


1 – Corpse of Trees

The giant hyenas from area 2 used to lair here on occasion, but one of their kills got… infected. Now they keep clear of this bush. In the middle of the copse are the rotting corpses of a giant hyena, a wyvern, and the bones of many prior kills. The hyena and wyvern are both in an advanced state of decomposition and both corpses as well as the tree they are propped against are infested with rot grubs (a total of 18 grubs, seven in each of the corpses and a further four seeking food in the rotting bark of the tree). There is nothing of value in the corpses or the trees.

2 – More Trees!

5 Giant Hyenas (AC: 7, Mv: 120 (40), HD: 5, hp: 25, 20, 22, 33, 22, Att: 1, Dmg: 3d4, Sv: F5, M: 9) make their lair here among the trees and bushes, keeping out of the mid-day sun, and dragging larger kills back here for later consumption. There is a 60% chance that 1d6 (max 5) of the Hyenas are not here when this area is explored, and are instead out hunting, returning in 1d4 hours.

The remains of a few horses and two owlbears are in the copse, along with the bones of many more animals. There’s nothing of actual value here, but it will take a few turns of digging through the grisly remains to determine this.

3 – Something on the Rocks

Vines cover the rocky face of the hill here, just west of the excavated ruins of the hall. The vines themselves are motile but harmless, and slowly slither and clamber their way back and forth across the rock face. Hacking them with slashing weapons will eventually kill them, but it will take time and effort. They can be destroyed more quickly with an area effect attack, and have 20 hit points against such spells and attacks.

4 – Sealed Tower

This 30 foot tall tower is the last “standing” remains of Cavanaugh’s Hall. The walls are pitted and weather-worn and a fairly easy climb for anyone with the skills. The rusty iron-reinforced oak door is held to this day by a powerful wizard lock (caster level 14). The wooden roof of the tower is long gone, and the floor is earthen with a few dried weeds. The skeletal remains of a minotaur thief lies in the middle of the tower, dead after falling from the wall above. His equipment is all ruined except for a Battle Axe +2, +3 vs Elementals that is unfortunately cursed – the bearer of the axe must spend the first round of any fight screaming and yelling and posturing before he can engage the enemy, even if attacked first.

5 – Foundations

The crumbling foundations of the great hall stick out of the grass here like many broken teeth. No animal ever enters in past the ruins of the walls, and the grass within is long, lush and trackless. A minor enchantment remains from the original hall, keeping animals out. Any trained animal ordered to enter must pass a save vs spells in order to do so.

6 – Kitchen

These last four rooms were cut into the stony hill itself and have been half-excavated by a previous group of explorers seeking the treasure of Cavanaugh’s Hall. The remnants of the kitchen are currently home to a pair of frightened halflings (AC: 7, Mv: 90 (30), HD:1-1, hp: 5, 6, Att: 1, Dmg: 1d6, Sv: H1, M: 6) who are hiding from the hyenas who ate the other two they were traveling with. One has 23 pp in his belt pouch, the other has 76 sp. They aren’t brave enough to even consider going deeper into the hill, and are jumpy and likely to run as soon as anyone shows up, probably luring out a wandering monster as they run for their little furry lives.

7 – Secret Pantry

Once hidden behind a secret door, this was a cold room and pantry where valuable wines and cheeses were kept. The door to area 8 is actually a quite intelligent and cunning mimic (AC: 7, Mv: 30 (10), HD: 8, hp: 46, Att: 1, Dmg: 3d4, Sv: F8, M: 8 – special: gluey!) who is holding the lamia in area 8 hostage until she reveals where her kin live so it can find them and reclaim a magic locket that it once owned.

8 – Chamber of Secrets

The mimic’s hostage, Deria Mohll, is a bear-bodied lamia with the fore legs of an eagle (AC: 3, Mv: 240 (80), HD: 9, hp: 49, Att: 1 (+2 to hit), Dmg: 1d6+2, Sv: F9, M: 9, Special: phantasmal force 1/day, charm person 1/day, mirror image 1/day, suggestion 1/day, touch drains 1 WIS). She is cunning and evil and when the mimic leaves the doorframe she will attempt to charm one of the party. If the party seems to be in trouble fighting the mimic, she will take the opportunity to kill them off too in order to steal their loot. She will create a very loud phantasmal force effect in order to draw in whatever creatures are in the area (if the hyenas in area 2 are still there, they will come running, otherwise roll for wandering monsters) before using mirror image and engaging the party. She has a potion of extra-healing and a shortsword +2 that can cast light three times per day. She wears a harness over her bear body that has a collection of large sacks containing 2,000 ep, 200 pp, and 16 gems (totaling in value at 2,450 gp).

9 – Storage

The final room of the excavations contains a collection of foodstuffs and supplies belonging to the lamia. Mixed in with the food and drink is a small cask of blood brandy. When poured into a small brazier and lit during spell preparation by magic users, the blood brandy allows them to prepare 3 extra spell levels of spells that day. There is enough blood brandy in the cask for 12 uses.