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A couple of weeks ago I posted a “micro map” that I drew because of the #micromapmonday thing. Thing… that’s a great word eh? Anyways. I realized that I really wasn’t taking the challenge to heart with that map – the goal of drawing something quite small.

So this past Monday I drew the following map for micromapmonday:

Micro-Map 1

Micro-Map 1

The quarter is there for scale, so you realize that the map is significantly larger on most monitors than it is on paper (unless you have a really tiny monitor and quite high resolution).

The map was a real challenge to draw. I’ve never worked at that scale before, and close-ups show how rough the lines really are. My hand was totally cramped up by the time I was done. Then I realized the actually scary part – there isn’t much less detail on this map than on most of my maps drawn in my 4 x 6 mapping book. But I could put 6-8 of these on a single page in my little mapping book. Oi!

But then I realized there were two problems with the map that I posted above.

Mainly, it didn’t stick to the theme of this week’s micromaps – “habitat”.

So I drew a second map – the habitat of Lacedons – watery caves beneath an evil fortress. Within the caves the dead of the fortress inhabitants are dumped unceremoniously, and most become food for a few that turned out to be too evil to just decompose down here after their death.

Oh, the second problem with the earlier map?

It was too big.

Micro Map #2