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Because sanity is totally over-rated.


Requirements: Cha 9+, Con 13+, Int 10-
Prime Requisite: Con
Hit Dice: 1d8
Max Level: 10

Disgusting, loathsome and hungry. Gibbering mouthers are protoplasmic blobs seemingly made up entirely of mouths and eyes. While most are only semi-intelligent at best, a few are well beyond their kin, with a strange alien intelligence and hideous cunning.


Being essentially formless masses of variable size and weight (a level 1 drooler is typically the rough size and weight of a 50 pound dog – this doubles at every level thereafter with Shoggoth Lords weighing in at 12 tons of screaming eyeballs), gibbering mouthers cannot wear armour and can only carry one quarter of their normal carrying capacity.

Gibbering mouthers move by latching on to the ground with mouth-covered pseudopods and pulling themselves. On most terrain this has a movement rate of 30’ (10’), but on muddy or slippery terrain this increases to 60’ (20’).

Being made of eyes and mouths, gibbering mouthers have a tendency to notice things sneaking up on them, reducing surprise chances by half.

While gibbering mouthers can wield just about any kind of melee weapon, they usually attack by extending pseudopods covered in mouths to bite their foes. They can attack with a number of mouths equal to their level +1. Each mouth deals only one damage, but fastens to the target and deals an additional damage each round thereafter. A target with 3 or more mouths attached must make a saving throw against wands with a +4 bonus (plus any Dexterity modifiers) every round to resist falling under the gibbering mouther. A target that fails this save can be overrun by the gibbering mouther the next round and is automatically struck by twice the number of mouths the gibbering mouther can attack with. The mouther then can use his full complement of “attacking” mouths on other targets. The damage per mouth increases to 1d2 at level 7, and further to 1d3 at level 9 and 1d4 at level 10.


Drooling: Beginning at level 1, a gibbering mouther produces prodigious quantities of drool. This lubricates the ground under them, but also can be used to produce a blinding flash of light. Once per day per two levels (round up), the gibbering mouther can spit a special drool that explodes into a flash of bright light. In a dark environment like a dungeon, this is enough to blind those looking at the flash for one round if they fail a save versus petrification.

Ground Control: Level 2 spotters can change the consistency of the ground around them as long as it is made of dirt or stone. This takes one round to do, but changes the consistency of the ground within 5 feet of the mouther to that of a weird dough-like texture, a mealy quicksand, or back to normal stone.

Screaming: Level 3 mouthers are known as screamers or wailers because they can scream at incredible volumes for far too long – typically when they see something they want to eat. This screaming will attract wandering monsters, but it also renders opponents (and friends) nearly deaf. Everyone within 10 ft per level of the mouther is considered deaf for the duration of the screaming, and must make a save versus spells or be rendered deaf for 1d4 rounds thereafter – deaf spellcasters have a 20% of failure when casting spells because they can’t hear the somatic components of their spells.

Gibbering: Level 5 mouthers learn to turn down the volume of their screams, but instead produce an incoherent gibbering that causes all intelligent creatures within a 10 ft radius per level of the mouther to make a saving throw versus spells or be confused for the duration of the gibbering. Roll 1d8 each round to determine each confused creature’s actions:
1 – wander for the round
2-3 – stand stunned for the round
4-5 – attack the nearest living creature
6-7 – act normally
8 – run in fear from the gibbering mouther

Maddening: At level 8, the alien hunger’s gibbering continues to effect those who failed their saves against it for 1d6+2 rounds after the gibbering ends.