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I really enjoy the randomness of some old-school styles of play. I love random stat generation and from that determining your race / class, I love B/X Blackrazor’s random headgear, I even had to go back with my crazy party from the Madness Beneath and roll up subraces for them from my random subraces table (I’ll post that update when I do my next Madness Beneath adventure log).

Based on all that, and with inspiration from the classic 1977 Arduin Grimoire, I wanted a set of random tables for special abilities for each class in the B/X or Labyrinth Lord rules.

If using these tables, every character uses them. If you REALLY don’t want to roll a random subclass for your character, convince the GM to let you take the Focused subclass.

So, the first of the Subclass Tables!

War Priest of Thune

War Priest of Thune (c) Wizards of the Coast

Random Cleric Subclasses (d12)

1. Paladin – Can wield weapons with sharp and pointy bits
2. Heretic – At each spell level replace one cleric spell with a spell from the same level magic user spell
3. Elementalist – Can also turn elementals as undead
4. Dragon-Priest – Can Tell and Dominate dragons, drakes, wyverns and other associated creatures (and potentially kobolds) as an evil cleric controls undead.
5. Dervish – Can frenzy in battle 1/day: +2 AC, +1 to hit and damage
6. Divine Light – Turn undead at +2 levels
7. Healer – +1 hp / die on all healing spells
8. Priest – +2 caster levels, cannot wear armour, can only wield clubs, staves and daggers.
9. Penitent – d8 hit die (d10 if using advanced hit dice)
10. Zealot – +1 to hit & damage opposite alignment (Chaos / Law -or- Chaos/Evil, choose one)
11. Focused – +10% to earned XP
12. Choose one or make up a new one