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The Greysand River is believed to link up somewhere deep underground with the Ironflow before it begins flowing out from the Dwarven fortress of Kuln. Where the Greysand flows under the mountain is a small cave and fortress known to the dwarves as Hemmer’s Hold.

Centuries ago it was home to mud goblins, sanctified to the worship of their elemental lord. As the lands were pacified by the dwarves of Kuln, they cleared these caves and upgraded the fortress. With the fall of Kuln, goblins seem to have moved back in – or more accurately they reappeared here one night as if they had never left.

Greysand Descent

Greysand Descent

The map of Greysand Descent was hand-drawn using a 0.7mm gel pen in a 4 x 6 plain notebook. It was scanned and contrast-enhanced for posting. If you would like to use this map on your own blog for an adventure, please feel free as long as it is for non-commercial use and full credit and a link to this page is included.

If you like this map, many more (and several adventures) are available in Dyson’s Delves – a book of old school subterranean maps and and modules.