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Gwenhyfar's ShrineThe noble earth princess Gwenhyfar joined in the rebellion of man against the Kale and not only provided direct battlefield support along with her earth elemental kin, but also served as the battle-muse for many a frenzied champion within the ranks of man.

As the war ended, she returned to her realm and her princessly duties therein. Her last base of operations in the realm was converted into a shrine in her memory and is now half-forgotten.

The entrance to the shrine is a fairly sharp descent into the rocky earth on the Plains of Hemmerfell. The area of the shrine is a slight rocky promontory that provides a clear view of the plains, and a massive stone slab on the top of the hill is where Gwenhyfar would spend time in war council.

Only a few of those who converted her chambers into the shrine were aware that she had no actual residence herein. And of those few, less than a dozen were aware of the secret caves dug out by her magical power over rock and stone. At the highest point of these caves, just below the table-stone on the hilltop, is the cave where Gwenhyfar once slept – not on a bed or even on the floor, but melded into the earth and stone of the Plains of Hemmerfell.

Gwenhyfar's Shrine

Gwenhyfar’s Shrine

Gwenhyfar’s Shrine was drawn in a 4×6 Notebook in a single draft with a black 0.7mm gel pen.

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