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Another week, another set of subclasses. I’ve tried to keep most of the campaign-specific material from my game out of this list (since elves in my game are more like Melniboneans than forest defenders).

Llanowar Elves image copyright Wizards of the Coast

Llanowar Elves image copyright Wizards of the Coast

d12 Elven Subclasses

  1. Guardian – Can track in the wilderness
  2. Eagle-Eye – +2 to hit with bows
  3. Woodland Ghost – 66% chance to be unseen and unheard in the wilderness
  4. Arcane Mercenary – +1 to hit and damage with swords
  5. ManHunter – +1 to hit and damage against humans and orcs
  6. Blessed Visionary – Cannot wear armour, cast Augury 1/day per 3 levels, Cure Light Wounds 1/day per level
  7. Dragon Knight – +1 to hit, damage and AC while mounted
  8. Arcane Archer – 1/day/level can cast spells on arrows and then shoot the arrow the next round, spell effect centres on the arrow when it hit the target, or is lost if the arrow misses the target.
  9. Eldritch Swordsman – As the arcane archer, above, but using a sword instead of arrows.
  10. Kale Nobility – +1 reaction roll bonus
  11. Focused – +10% to earned XP
  12. Choose one or make up a new one