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I’ve posted a few large dungeons in the past, and have another one or two to post in the next few months.

Instead of completely stocking them myself with monsters, treasure and so on, I was thinking of stocking them in the manner of the classic B1 adventure – In Search of the Unknown.

B1_In_Search_of_the_UnknownIf you don’t have a copy of B1 handy, basically it described every area, included some traps, tricks and other items of interest, but didn’t include the monsters and treasure. At the back of the module there’s a selection of level 1 appropriate monsters and treasures to stock with. Four years ago I wrote a quick love letter to this adventure (In Search of the Unknown – My Module of Choice) – and my love for the adventure continues. The format allows DMs to pull it out at any time, regardless of the level of the adventurers playing it, because it is nearly effortless to restock it with level-appropriate encounters.

Would you be interested on a financial level in picking up a couple of small megadungeons designed in this manner? I’m thinking of taking the eight maps that make up the Darkling Depths and stocking them in this manner – a one paragraph description of each room, what it was used for, and so on (along with a more detailed description of the dwarven town in the north of level 3) and leave space for the DM to go in and write what encounters and treasure go along with each location.

I’m thinking of releasing them as saddle-stitched 24 to 36 page letter-sized book (basically the standard for an adventure module) but instead of putting the maps on the insides of the cover, I’ll put them as the central 2 sheets of the book so you can pull them out and have them handy. They would come in at around $10-$12 per adventure in this format.