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Ah, random halfling subclasses. This was the hardest to write up of the core rules subclass tables. I kept ALMOST making the subclasses non-halfling. Like kobolds, goblins, etc. But I resisted and persisted and I think I even managed to avoid making the list too useless or funny.

Remember – if using these rules, all characters must have a subclass. If you really don’t want a subclass, petition the GM to let you take the focused subclass (Focused Fighter, etc), which provides no new abilities, but instead makes leveling up a bit faster.

Halflings by Jeff Dee

Halflings by Jeff Dee


  1. Burglar – Can pick locks as a thief
  2. Featherweight – Climb walls like a thief, takes half damage from falls
  3. TallFellow – Can wield larger one-handed weapons like long swords
  4. Underfoot – +4 AC vs large opponents
  5. Traveller – +1 hear noise, can travel 25% further per day overland than normal.
  6. Brewmaster – Can make a copy of a potion for 1/2 the normal cost & time to make one.
  7. HoleWarden – -1 chance to be surprised
  8. Barbarian – +2 melee damage, cannot wear armour heavier than leather.
  9. Stalwart – +2 on saves versus fear and mind control, grants 1 companion the same bonus (companion is chosen once per day and remains in effect for the rest of the day).
  10. Outrider – +1 to hit and damage from horseback, good judge of horseflesh (roll mount hit points twice, take the better)
  11. Focused – +10% to earned XP
  12. Choose one or make up a new one