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The two small willow trees on this hill give the tower it’s name – a pair of seedlings left behind by an ancient treant fifteen years ago. The trees are perfectly normal willows except in colouration.

The tower is all that remains of a larger ruin, smashed apart by the treant as she avenged the death of her sisters cut down by orcs in the prime of their lives. As she left the hill and ruins behind, two of her travelling companions remained here to loot the tower and in time they made a base of operations out of a small set of secret chambers within.

Red Willow Tower

Red Willow Tower

Revnis and Thurrok have made treks to and from the nearest town since they moved into the ruins. Typically they come in for supplies every three to six months… but they haven’t been seen in over a year now.

And everyone knows that the stairs in the tower lead down to something more than just a root cellar.