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As we all know, I tend to map on whatever is at hand… drawing with… well, whatever is at hand.

A few months ago I picked up a three-pack of small artist canvasses (or some such, I’m not an artist) that have way too much texture for me to draw on with a ball-point style pen. But they do take marker well. They are (guesstimating here) about 5″ x 7″ in size, hard, and textured.


The marker is a lot… bigger… than I’m used to working with. But it was a lot of fun to draw out a pair of maps on this canvas while watching a few episodes of True Blood with my girlfriend.

The problem is that these aren’t really suitable for using in my books – just too little map, and too big of lines. So where do you go with that?

Give It Away!

That’s right. I’ll mail this out to you if you want it and prove that you want it. How do you prove it? Write something nice about my blog or my books, or both. Write it on Google+ (publicly, not privately, or I won’t be able to check), or on your blog. I would say to do it on Facebook, but I don’t do Facebook. Aim someone new over here. Then post your link at the bottom of this post. In one week I’ll go through the various posts and use a random number generator to determine who I’m sending this canvas to.

Oh, and if there’s more than a hundred of you who enter? You won’t just win the physical map, you’ll own the full rights and copyrights to use it (although I retain portfolio rights).