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Not one of my typical maps, this was designed to be the surface area for just about any of the dungeon or cavern maps posted to the blog over the years.

Featuring an old stone bridge, a damaged but still standing tower, a strange circle of standing stones (I have an obsession with standing stones and obelisks in my games and maps, you might note), some sparse trees, a bit of swampiness, and a cave in the side of a hill that leads to… adventure?

Over Land and Under Hill

Over Land and Under Hill

Over Land and Under Hill was drawn by hand in a single draft in The Oak King, a handcrafted mapping book. It was drawn using a very cheap 0.7mm gel pen that works poorly on most of my other papers, but that works incredibly well on the commercial barkpaper of this book.

If you like Over Land and Under Hill and maps like it, check out Dyson’s Delves, a book of similar maps and adventures.