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There is a passage through the mountain. Myth holds that it was built by an ancient Kale Elf named Evan who was magically tasked with the construction in order to win an unwinnable battle.

There is a pass to cross through these daunting peaks, but it is two days travel away from Evan’s Trials. Yet few would be willing to brave the trials instead of taking the extra four days of travel and the risk of being waylaid by stone giants along the pass itself.

Through the Mountain of Evan's Trials

Through the Mountain of Evan’s Trials

Through the Mountain of Evan’s Trials was drawn by hand in a single draft in The Oak King, a handcrafted mapping book. It was drawn using a very cheap 0.7mm gel pen that works poorly on most of my other papers, but that works incredibly well on the commercial barkpaper of this book.

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