Last week I offered a free map out to whoever really wanted it and could prove it to me.

So, the final list of people wanting a map were:

  1. Mark @ SPES Magna
  2. Sorcerer Blob (great name! I need a blob race…)
  3. Mike Davis (Carlson793)
  4. Dave Thompson
  5. Andrew @ Fictive Fantasies
  6. Mike Monaco @ Swords & Dorkery
  7. Edward Lockhart @ Violent Media
  8. Tacoman
  9. Edchuck Fohmr

So I picked up a d10, handed the high precision sharp little monster over to my lovely girlfriend (it’s her gamescience dice, I don’t own any of those sharp little beasts) and she rolled a…



That’s Mike Monaco, owner of Swords & Dorkery, a blog I happen to love because of all the Telegardy awesomeness he posts.

So Mike, drop me a line with your mailing address!