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With last week’s Thief subclasses we have all the subclass tables needed for the core B/X or Labyrinth Lord rules set. So this week we launch into the classic AD&D or Labyrinth Lord AEC classes.

As with the last set, I’m doing these in alphabetical order, starting with the darkest of the core classes, the Assassin. Over the next months I’ll cover Druids, Illusionists, Monks, Paladins and Rangers – covering the full set of core classes… Then we’ll start up with some of my home-brew classes. Because we definitely need d12 Gibbering Mouther subclasses!

Remember – if using these rules, all characters must have a subclass. If you really don’t want a subclass, petition the GM to let you take the focused subclass (Focused Assassin), which provides no new abilities, but instead makes leveling up a bit faster.

Assassin illo by James Ryman (c) Wizards of the Coast

Assassin illo by James Ryman (c) Wizards of the Coast

Assassin Subclass (d12)

  1. Holy Slayer – Cast cleric spells as a cleric of 1/2 level. Cannot pick pockets, open locks, or find/remove traps.
  2. Executioner – Increase backstab multiplier by 1
  3. Guerrilla – +1 Initiative, +2 damage first attack / combat
  4. Hatchet – +1 melee weapon damage
  5. Man Hunter – +1 to hit and damage against his own race
  6. Spy – +10% Hide in Shadows, Move Silently and Disguise
  7. Marksman – +1 to hit with all ranged weapons
  8. Poisoner – Reduce chance of poison being noticed by 50%, reduce cost of poison by 33%
  9. Brutal Killer – d6 hit die (d8 if using advanced hit dice)
  10. Shadow-Touched – Cast magic user spells as a magic user of 1/3 level. Cannot wear armour.
  11. Focused – +10% to earned XP
  12. Choose one or make up a new one