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The Dodecahedron Lives!


That’s right, issue 6 of the venerable old school Labyrinth Lord zine “Dyson’s Dodecahedron” is now available for download. It’s moved, however.

Instead of being hosted here on my blog, the ‘zine is available for download for free (or more than free, if you want to throw me a little something for my hard work) through the ZERO/barrier storefront on RPGNow.

This issue brings you two classes posted recently to the blog as well as a detailed write-up of Hurren, City of the Elders.

Download it Now!

Issue 7 is already in the works, compiling all the “d12 subclass” tables into one place for all 13 core classes in the core Labyrinth Lord rules and the AEC.

Gradually I’ll be moving all the earlier issues of the Dodecahedron over to RPGNow – all set for free download with a Pay What You Want option in case you feel like encouraging me to make more of them.