hottest-itemsYesterday I announced the release of Issue 6 of the Dodecahedron, my irregular old school zine. For the first time I’ve released it and the rest of the issues of the zine through RPGnow instead of relying on my blog to handle the distribution.

Thanks to y’all, it is the number 3 item on RPGnow as we speak (the graphic on the right was grabbed from the site around noon on Sunday, August 4th). Even more impressive is that issues 1 through 5 also appear on the top 15 list.


Also, this marks the transition from purely free distribution for the Dodecahedron to a Pay What You Want system. I encourage you to download it first, and decide what you think it’s worth. And don’t worry, I don’t feel at all bad if you don’t pay for it – after all, it is all material taken from the pages of the blog and thus is available for free. What you are doing when you pay for the zine, you are showing your gratitude for the work that has gone into the blog and into PDFing the contents for easier use.

That said, I want to thank you again, not only have you put Dyson’s Dodecahedron all over the front page of RPGnow, but you have spent almost $90 on the six issues combined (and have downloaded over 400 copies of said issues).