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Unlike most of the maps I post to the blog, the following maps aren’t for your use on your blogs and adventures – these are commissioned pieces for an upcoming adventure called Liberation of the Demon Slayer. The compiled picture below is a lot smaller than the final works – it’s made up of six full-page maps and a half-page one.

portfolio - compiled

The original pieces presented for me to work from are below. This is exactly how I like to work – send me a rough idea and let me play with it. I bounced ideas back and forth a bit and asked if some design elements were intentional or accidental before I went to work on tearing the originals apart and turning them into the work above.

portfolio - roughs

I’ll post a follow-up when Liberation of the Demon Slayer is available for purchase. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product myself since I don’t do a lot of mapping for products that I don’t release in-house.