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Often misunderstood, or just out-of-place in the typical European fantasy world, the monk has seen many a makeover through the history of the game… So I figured it wouldn’t hurt to toss together another d12 subclasses table for these unsung nearly-naked heroes.

Remember – if using these rules, all characters must have a subclass. If you really don’t want a subclass, petition the GM to let you take the focused subclass (Focused Monk), which provides no new abilities, but instead makes leveling up a bit faster.

Warrior Monks of Togashi (c) Alderac Entertainment Group

Warrior Monks of Togashi (c) Alderac Entertainment Group

Monk Subclasses (roll d12)

  1. Tortoise Style Adept – +2 AC bonus
  2. Tiger Clan Warrior – +1 to hit and damage
  3. Iron Hand – Increase hit die to d6
  4. Scorpion Warrior – Can wear leather armour while using all monk abilities (including AC bonus)
  5. Temple of the Serpent – +10% move silently and hide in shadows
  6. Serene Ascetic – Cast spells as a cleric of 1/2 level, cannot find/remove traps or pick locks
  7. Enlightened – +1 on all saving throws
  8. Gentle Hand – Can lay on hands like a paladin
  9. Ghost-Faced – Can backstab like a thief
  10. Witch-Killer – +1 on saves versus magic, +1 to hit and damage magic-users and similar characters and creatures
  11. Focused – +10% to earned XP
  12. Choose one or make up a new one