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I drew this map for Wayne Rossi’s awesome Dungeon Crawl ‘zine.

Xenopus Level 2 copyright Wayne Rossi

Xenopus Level 2 copyright Wayne Rossi

It’s the second level of the classic Dungeon of Xenopus from the 1977 Holmes Basic set. The full extent of level 2 is available in Dungeon Crawl #3

This issue includes a bunch of other OSR awesomeness, and to really get this issue kicked out the door, Wayne has it up with more than a 20% discount this weekend – that’s 30-something pages of awesome for $3.95. But it’s already Sunday, so if you want to pick this up, you should do it NOW.

dungeoncrawl3coverTo get the discount click HERE. (This link brings you straight to your RPGnow shopping cart with the zine already in the cart with the discount applied).

To get an overview of the full contents of the issue (and some art too), check this out.