You might not know this (well, now you do!), but I don’t actually maintain this blog all that much. Every few weeks I sit down for a day or so of posting material for the coming months and then I let it run on autopilot for a while.

One of the side effects of this is that the collection pages often fall behind the actual content of the site. So I spent some time this past week updating a few of the collections, and creating a few more.


  • The Maps Page has been updated with links to a few of the new collection pages as well as links to a lot of maps posted in the past two and a half months since I last noticed it was out of date. It now links to 177 different maps, although I might go through at some point and cut out all the urban maps from the general collection because…


  • I added a new Cities & Towns Page that collects the 10 city and town maps I’ve posted to the blog in the past 4 years (in fact, the first one was posted just slightly more than 4 years ago).


  • Kevin Campbell’s maps have been making appearances on the blog recently, and I have them scheduled at one a week for another month and change to come, therefore I’ve also started a new collection page for his material separate from my own works.


  • Somewhere along the way I also updated the House Rules and Random Tables pages to include all the d12 subclass articles (13 articles!)

Finally, I got rid of the New Kingdoms page since the material there was a contest entry RPG and was not a complete project, and I haven’t had the time & energy to get back to those documents and release the 1.1 edition (even though I believe it is all written and hidden away somewhere). More importantly, people have been downloading those incomplete booklets lately, and it looks bad on the rest of my material to have multiple booklets up that are no more than a cover page and 7 blank pages.