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Delves 2 Cover Mockup

Delves 2 Cover Mockup

Dyson’s Delves II is underway.

Chapter 2 of the book is essentially done. 39 maps have been scanned in and laid out with the notes page beside each. I’ll add five more as the project nears completion and that chapter will be done.

The following adventures are complete and will definitely be in this volume – they just need to go through layout again to fit the format of the book.

That’s already more adventures than were included in the original Dyson’s Delves, however the original Delves included some much larger adventures – Erdea Manor and Dyson’s Delve were each around 20 pages, and none of the adventures above are much more than 5 pages in length. To make up the difference I’m going to add at least one or two more adventures into the Valley of the Red Apes set (which includes the Ziggurat, Jen’s Hall and the Devourer Most Foul), and then see how many pages I’m still short of my 140 page target.

If I need more material, I’ll go in and redraw the map for Goblin Gully and stock it with full Labyrinth Lord stats this time (instead of the system-neutral stocking I did in the one page dungeon), and probably also provide full Labyrinth Lord stats for By Esophagus Brood while I’m at it.

Then I need to put together a super-secret super-special adventure for people who buy the Deluxe Edition. Yeah, that’s right, another special thank you for those of you who step up early and pick up one of the first 100 hardcover limited editions. Last time it was a 6-page adventure for levels 8-10… who knows what I’ll throw in this time.

Design-wise the book is going to have almost identical layout to Delves I. I’m increasing the inside margins a bit so the maps aren’t quite so squeezed into the edges (and the adventures are easier to read), and I’m using the full-bleed headers and footers from Magical Theorems & Dark Pacts. My goal is that the limited edition should be 150 pages, so it will sit in perfect harmony with both Delves and Theorems. The cover will be nearly the same colour as Delves I – the background element will be slightly darker, and the foreground elements will be in a slightly lighter and greener tone (as shown above) so it is immediately distinguishable from Delves I, but also immediately recognizable as it’s companion volume.