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You know I love my Gibbering Mouthers, and you seem to love my d12 subclass tables. So like a Reese peanut butter cup, I’ve combined the two in today’s post of sheer awesomeness!


d12 Gibbering Mouther Subclasses

  1. Arcane Babbler – Can cast 1 magic user spell each day. Select the spell randomly by rolling on the spell chart for the level equal to half the Gibbering Mouther’s level
  2. Supernatural Eye – Can detect magic at will
  3. Hungering Monstrosity – Increase number of mouths by 2
  4. Slippery Toother – Double the creature’s base movement rate
  5. Extra-Dimensional Darkness – Can hide in shadows as a thief of the Gibbering Mouther’s level
  6. Massive Morass – double weight, increase hit die to d10
  7. Psychotic Mass – Can frenzy in battle 1/day: +2 to hit and damage, cannot gibber while frenzied, only scream
  8. Paragon of Madness – Gain the gibbering ability at level 4, all saves against gibbering are at -2.
  9. Mouth and Eye of the Divine – Can use clerical scrolls and magic items
  10. Obscenely Lucky – +1 on all saving throws
  11. Focused – Gain +10% to earned experience
  12. Create a new subclass, or choose one