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A while back I posted my OSR logo and some rough experiments I did with isometric graph paper. The same day that I drew those, I finished off with this map – a nice full-page isometric dungeon to really experiment with this style.

And I like it. A lot.

I’ll be posting more maps in this format over the next while.

Normally I draw my maps freehand – pen on plain white paper with no grid, no baseline grid, and no pencil rough.

I drew this map a few months ago when I drew my isometric version of the OSR logo. It was drawn on isometric paper, I had to rough it out with pencil first (because of the overlays between levels and it wasmy first day working with iso-paper) and I even added a grid to it as I drew it (I kinda like the style of grid in question, although I missed two grid lines at one spot).

So yeah, a fairly major departure from my typical drawing techniques, although at the heart of the map it retains my standard calling cards – my hashing, a mix of natural and constructed design, and multiple elevations with some overlap between them.