I like to map.

Further, with all the encouragement of my readership, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m good at it.

But I’m not great at drawing just about anything else. But occasionally when pen goes to paper, I find that (gasp) I don’t have “a map in me” at that point. Or that the only maps I feel flowing from my hand are maps I’ve already drawn (you’ll see a few of them if you go through the blog – maps that are quite alike in general form and concept).

So then I doodle.

Not a Map

Not a Map, honest

Sometimes I hit my stride and put together a bunch of awesome maps in a week. Like last week, I had a rocking week where I completed work on a butt-tonne (metric, not avoir-du-pois) of maps – mostly urban.

Other times, like this past week, I just can’t seem to get a map out to save myself. But I carry all these pens and little books on me, so I try my hand at whatever comes to me, while trying to avoid making a map out of it.

That doodle up there took a full page of my booklet. And now looking at it from a distance, I could TOTALLY make that into a messed up city map for some weird-fantasy setting. Neighbourhoods, roads, spiky docks, a fortress on the upper left…


Just a doodle – shared because I am supposed to be drawing maps for people and for myself, and instead I’m doodling.