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Inspired by the design I used for Tenkar’s Landing, I went into the Oak King and scanned a few of my city maps that I had drawn in the late winter this year.

Seever's Mill

Seever’s Mill

Something about using the dot-screens for water, the font, and the drawing style in combination totally gives me the old-school vibe from old Palladium and Chaosium products.

The mill that gave the settlement it’s name burned down about 150 years ago during the Rampage of Sir Freel. Seever died with the burning of the mill (with an axe in his forehead, mind you).

There are other mills about including two just outside of the city walls along the river. The last stretch of river inside the walls is well-dredged and deep with smooth masonry walls now, so there are no water mills working within the walls.

Hedrow’s Mill is in the bushes on the east side of the river, but the Hedrow family is not well liked and the mill is not in great shape – however it still grinds almost as much flour as Hadrian’s Mill which is a much cleaner and commercial enterprise further up the river.