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Liberation of the Demon Slayer

Liberation of the Demon Slayer

Honestly, I almost ended the post with just that graphic. That’s an awesome piece of cover art. I would buy it just based on the cover.

That’s without first seeing the awesome interior material:

LotDS - Interior Pages

LotDS – Interior Pages

So, not only did Venger lay it all out with awesomely sexy cover and interior art, and a great old-school freakish module… but the cartography looks familiar!

I’ll be putting the maps from this project up on my portfolio page shortly, I think the maps are awesome, a mix of nice and clean while still occasionally convoluted – the project was a lot of fun to work on because I was given a floorplan for one level of the dungeon and told to draw the others in a similar style, but totally different layouts. I had a lot of fun putting levels together and in the end drew more levels than the project initially asked for and gave Venger the full set for him to choose from.

In the meantime, you should be picking up a copy of Liberation of the Demon Slayer.

It’s available on RPGnow for $7 until the print version becomes available (at $19), at which point the PDF will be going up to $9. So unless you are holding out for the print version, this is the week to grab the PDF.

Liberation of the Demon Slayer on RPGnow

(This is not a ZERO/barrier product – I’m not getting anything from you buying this. I was the cartographer on this project and the final product just turned my crank the right way so I thought I should help spread the word.)