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I’m working on two sets of 500 multiple-choice trivia questions for a third party. The first is for D&D of all editions and the second is for non-D&D RPGs. The goal is to not have these be so hard that only “true grognards” and “game nuts” can answer them (although 20-30% can be listed as “Very Difficult”), so I’ve got a mix of easy and hard… The questions for the “non-D&D RPGs” category tend to be easier if you know the game in question, but as a whole the category will be a lot tougher for someone who doesn’t have a firm grasp of at least the top 20 RPGs in the history of the genre.

But it turns out that 1,000 RPG questions is pretty hard to assemble. I’ve half the D&D questions done, and am working towards half the other RPG questions, but that still leaves 500 questions unwritten.

So I’m asking you. Throw me some questions about games, game settings, game history, and so on. Don’t make them insanely difficult, but don’t make them obvious give-aways either.

Each question is limited to 130 characters, and must have 4 answers (1 correct) maxed at 30 characters each.

Crowdsourcing Powers: ACTIVATE!