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Generally I post here as often as I have something cool to post. If I have a lot of cool stuff to post, I’ll spread it out so there isn’t more than one post a day and so I’m not sending out a flood of maps one week and nothing for a month or two.

The Temple of Poor Parenting Decisions

The Temple of Poor Parenting Decisions

But occasionally on Google+ I give behind-the-scenes accounts of what’s going on. Photos of maps as I draw them, and brainstorming on what I’m currently working on.

For instance, in the next three to five weeks I’ll be posting a nice clean scan of the map above – along with a rumour table for it and maybe a full adventure (but probably just rumours and map). But today I posted the photo and base description to G+

And you are welcome to read the behind-the-scenes ruminations over there, just check out +Dyson Logos.