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Dungeon #10? Wasn’t last week Dungeon #8?

[Teal’c] Indeed [/Teal’c]

However, the first map I posted of Kevin’s work way back at the beginning of September (Kevin Campbell’s Nameless Depths) was actually his un-named dungeon #9.

Kevin Campbell's Dungeon 10

Kevin Campbell’s Dungeon 10

Crinkly and disconnected, this obviously requires the use of teleporters.

But maybe the teleporters aren’t part of the dungeon? Maybe it’s just the masters of said dungeon who can teleport. I can totally see this as the dual-bridge of an eldar space craft where the ghosts of dead eldar run one bridge while the living eldar run the other, and the two only cross paths through the comms channels.

Would make for an interesting twist to a game of Rafael Chandler’s ViewScream – the ship was never built so the crew COULD be in physical contact with each other. Perhaps the other crew members on the view screens aren’t actually real?