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I’ve had comments asking why most of my maps have been “smaller” lately than the full letter-sized maps I often posted. There are three parts to this:

1. The games I’m running currently tend to stick to smaller 3-10 room dungeon environments because the games are episodic in nature and we like the feel of finishing an episode before moving on to the next. With larger dungeons there is more chance that the party won’t be out of the dungeon at game end, and even when they are, they still usually have to go back in so it doesn’t feel like a “complete” episode.

2. The book I draw most of my maps in fits in my pocket so I can draw wherever I am at the time. Most of the larger maps are drawn when I’m sitting at home. And for a while I wasn’t drawing maps at home at all – always on the road, between meetings, or in waiting rooms, etc. So I stuck to the size that fits nicely in my pocket-book sized cartography book.

3. Most of the commissions I draw are for letter-sized maps, so I end up wanting to draw something different when I’m not “working”.

That said, here’s a map drawn on a traditional letter-sized page.

Devon's Hall

Devon’s Hall

As usual, feel free to use this map on your blog for an adventure, stock it in whatever system you use / want / love / loathe. Then tell me about it and I’ll link back to it. Because I love seeing my maps in use.

And if you like this map, check out Dyson’s Delves – a full book of cool maps in this style that I sell to pay for my internet connection.