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This pair of maps shows the village of Brenton’s Bend (located along the Goblin’s Ear river) and a detail map of the dungeons underneath the ruined portion of Brenton’s Keep.

The upper map is the old dungeons of old Brenton’s Keep. The tower above the dungeons was destroyed a couple of weeks ago, but careful digging around the ruins will uncover the accessway to the dungeon – possibly hidden on purpose?

The Village of Brenton's Bend

The Village of Brenton’s Bend

The two maps were drawn on the same page of a 4″ x 6″ notebook, so they required a bit of jockeying and precision work to draw. The text and the screen effect on the water were added in photoshop after drawing was complete.

These maps were drawn for #MicroMapMonday a couple of weeks ago. They aren’t as small as some of my earlier micro maps, but the village map is definitely the smallest urban map I’ve drawn to date.

If you like this map, check out Dyson’s Delves, a book full of similar maps and adventures. Just look over there on the right hand side of the web page, there’s a pretty little cover of the book for you to click on where you can read all about it.