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There Be Gold in Them Hills, Boys!


BundleOfHolding.com has been sucking money out of my paypal account for a while now. Every week or so they post a collection of RPG stuff in a thematic set and set it as Pay What You Want with a minimum of $3, and if you pay more than the average, you get a bunch more stuff.

This time around (and only for the next 2 days), the collection is OSR material.

Check out the pic at right, that’s the stuff you get in this bundle. And the “OSR Toolkit” includes issue 1 of the Dodecahedron as a teaser for people to discover the rest of the set.

Sure, I already owned about half of the stuff in this bundle, but I picked it up anyways for Stonehell and the Monolith from Beyond Space and Time.

Also, for the charities. While most of the money collected goes to the authors / publishers, a portion also goes to two selected charities for each bundle.

Did I mention that it includes my latest OSR obsession, the awesome Adventurer Conqueror King system? Yeah baby!

So check it out at
The Bundle Of Holding