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Patreon-BannerThese days, odds are that if you read my blog you like some of the things I draw and write. You know I love to draw maps and write adventures for old-school dungeon-styled adventures.

But drawing these maps doesn’t pay the bills around the house… and winter is arriving in a cold and brutal fashion here in Canada, and I gotta heat this place where I draw maps.

That’s where Patreon and you come in. Patreon.com is a website that provides an interesting take on crowd-funding. Instead of funding a product, you help fund my cartography and adventure writing – and you can decide how much you want to invest on a per-map basis.

My maps and adventures are available to the end user (for personal use) for free. So you don’t have to help out – I’ll keep producing content. But if you love this stuff, or find it useful enough to be worth money, I’m now accepting patrons. And this doesn’t have to be costly. A bunch of people tossing me a nickle or a quarter every time I draw a map can add up to cover a month’s heat.

And there’s another upside (besides paying for the heating bills in this Canadian wilderness – my igloo gets cold in the winter!). I’ve set specific patronage goals. Once we’ve got it to $15 per map, I’ll have the funding to be able to buy art for the adventures I write. Once we get it up to $30 I’ll be able to go out and start buying actual art supplies instead of using whatever paper and pens I have access to. If funding hits $120 per map, I’ll pay rent. That would be awesome.

You can find out more about how this all works over on my Patreon page. (Spoiler Alert: there’s also some moderate rewards for helping fund my work – early access to maps, free PDFs, at-cost print books…)

city-headerThank you for making this site possible. You all rock.

As a footnote to all this – as this post is going live on the Dodecahedron, I’ll be at the hospital undergoing surgery. Not serious surgery, but surgery to help make it so I can keep mapping. So my apologies if I am not here in person to usher in this new wave of mapping patronage, but trust that when I get home one of the first things I will be doing is coming in here to see how the whole thing is doing.