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I’ve been on a bit of an urban mapping kick lately. What I should do, however, is actually write up these towns as more than just maps. Something like what I did for Coruvon in the Challenge of the Frog Idol adventure.

Regardless, here’s Axebridge over Blackbay (just called Axebridge by most). This city is fortified only along the waterfront, so the impression is that they have come under naval attack before. However the lack of other defensive structures implies that the city is well positioned in a friendly environment. The number of different docks implies numerous merchant and fishing families / businesses, and that the city has grown in spurts since it was founded, requiring new docks as more naval traffic starting using the port.

Axebridge over Blackbay

Axebridge over Blackbay

This map was drawn in a 4×6 inch booklet using a 0.7mm black gel pen.

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Yesterday’s surgery went well and I seem to be recovering nicely. I’ll be back to mapping soon, and many thanks to everyone who checked in on me. Also, the Patreon Campaign is doing well. Well doesn’t actually begin to describe it. Thanks everyone who is stepping in to help keep this flow of maps free for everyone.