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(I have nothing to do with this project, I just think it is cool)


The main city in Small Niche Games’ campaign setting for Labyrinth Lord is called Dolmvay (a nice nod to the author / editor of the 1981 Basic D&D set). They are now in the last five days of a kickstarter campaign to launch a full book detailing the city – a book that will be available free of charge (in PDF).

Better yet, the goal is to make this a truly Free City – not only will the PDF be free, but the entire content of the book will be Open Content so that anyone else (mainly this applies to other publishers) can use the city as part of their games.

By backing this campaign you are investing in improving the quality of an already free product. That’s the kind of kickstarter I can really get behind. At the various backer levels you can get printed copies of the book, and the chance to help mold Dolmvay a bit with custom NPCs or even a venerated saint of the city.

So do everyone a favour, check out the City of Dolmvay campaign on Kickstarter!