I keep falling behind on the archival pages, which is more and more of a problem as the blog grows bigger and said archives become far more important to being able to navigate the place.

Patreon-BannerSo I took the time to update a few pages after several months of inactivity:

  • The Maps Archive now links to 190 map pages. That is a metric crap-tonne of maps, my friends. Looking back, one of these days I’ll go back to the Necromancer’s Garden and try to stock it, or to the Ruins of Tuhrek and draw up overhead views of the various levels in that dungeon.
  • The Cities & Towns Archive has nearly doubled in size to 14 urban maps. At some point I would like to put together a book of cities and urban maps and locations (Dyson’s Domains), but I need to get Dyson’s Delves II out first, and before I finish working on that I need to finish an awesome commission I’ve been dragging my feet on.
  • A Flask Full of Gasoline has been given it’s own page to download the game from as well as providing an overview of my inspirations and goals when writing the game.
  • My Patreon Campaign has been a rousing success. I honestly didn’t expect to hit the $30 goal for the first few months of the campaign – and now I’m actually moving in on the final goal of the campaign which is to raise enough money through my cartography to be able to pay rent. There will be further updates as the campaign progresses – particularly at the beginning of December when the first Patreon content pledges show up and we can see what shakes down at that point.
  • And for everyone that wished me well during my surgery, I’m glad to report that I’m almost 100% recovered and should be at normal operating capacity within the next few days. Well, except for the whole “no heavy lifting, exertion that would make you hold your breath, or sex for 2 weeks” thing.