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Parson’s Rock is an old ruin on the South side of town. The ruins of an old manor house, the basement is almost entirely collapsed with the ensuing depression now forming a pond that is home to a few families of ducks.

Parson's Rock

Parson’s Rock

Of course, there’s more to the ruins than that, and the old basement still has links to secret areas beyond it, areas that run under the town proper… structures that may be home to vile things that wish ill upon the townfolk.

Parson’s Rock was drawn to be the entrance to any of the dungeons across my collection. It was drawn in a single draft using a 0.7mm black gel pen in my 4 x 6 inch mapping book.

I would probably stick it outside of one of these towns or cities, and pair it with one of the following dungeon maps

I find it interesting to change scale when drawing on occasion. This map takes up exactly the same physical real estate as the map of Axebridge over Blackbay I just posted last week (they were both drawn in the same book).

If you like this map, check out Dyson’s Delves, a book of similar maps and adventures. As always, this map is free for your personal use and you are even encouraged to stock it for an adventure and post it in a non-commercial manner in accordance with my general licensing and copyright page. If you would like to contribute to maintaining this archive of free maps, check out my Patreon Campaign.