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Geodesic Gnomes

Geodesic Gnomes

There’s this awesome guy over at SPES Magna Games by the name of Mark Chance who has a self-admitted man-crush on me. Well, at least with my work. Every now and then I talk about Geodesic Gnomes, that RPG I wrote that didn’t win the 1km1kt.net 24 hour RPG contest one year, but that seemed to gather a fair share of traction regardless (including a kick-ass review from Rob Lang). Well, Mark has written and released an adventure for Geodesic Gnomes called “Metro Gnomes”. It’s a cool adventure with a lot of momentum as the story picks up but that is totally non-linear (which I love). Player choice determines what scene follows each other scene and the whole thing feels like it’ll rock into high gear pretty quickly.

I definitely need to run it once or twice to see how it works out in play. The coolest part? Not only did he playtest this adventure prior to releasing it, but he ran it at conventions – spreading the word of the Geodesic Gnomes in the process. I’m crazy cool with this.

So check out Metro Gnomes and expand your Geodesic Gnomes game (or start one!)

The Dungeon of Smith's Chart

The Dungeon of Smith’s Chart

But Mr Chance doesn’t stop there. Of course not. To prove the true depth of his man-crush, he moves on to release a free little one-page adventure for Swords & Wizardry (levels 4-6, which happen to my favourite level zone to write adventures for too) based on the Dungeon of Smith’s Chart map that I posted at the beginning of November. Titled “The Ampitheatre of the Continuum“, it’s a sweet little package of weird science fantasy that feels like it belongs in a Michael Moorcock novel.

I love seeing the awesomeness of others’ imaginations – doubly so when it’s triggered by something from my own.

But speaking of other’s creativity, there’s been a rash, nay, an epidemic of hand-drawn maps and “old-school” feeling maps showing up lately through google+ and the blogosphere and it excites me at a deep level that refreshes my imagination tanks.

Check out some of the cool offerings that The Frugal GM has been posting lately: