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Pendershire is an inviting community on the edge of the wilderness. This large town deals with hostile humanoid neighbours, unpleasant local fauna and a variety of other menaces that make even Pendershire’s farmers tougher than nails.

The city walls around Mariel’s Bay all face into the wilderness, with almost no defenses set against marine attack. To the people of Pendershire, Mariel’s Bay is seen as a safe haven – a place for trade, resupply and reinforcements.

I like how the streets focus in on (without radiating directly out from) the fort / castle / church in the middle of the city. It works well for me.



The map of Pendershire was drawn in a (now full) 4 x 6 inch notebook using a 0.7mm gel pen. A rough draft of the street layout and shoreline were sketched in with pencil first. The map was then scanned, contrast-enhanced and smoothed, and then the screen was added for the water.

Patreon-Campaign-SpotThe continued production of these free maps for your enjoyment is courtesy of the many awesome patrons who have stepped up through the patronage campaign to support me in the production and release of these maps to the world. A couple more dollars in patronage and I will hit the penultimate goal in the campaign and can start paying the rent with this work. That would leave only one goal still locked in the campaign, and I’d probably have to figure out some crazy new goal to add at that point.