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I was recently discussing the need to update my original Goblin Gully map because my skills have seen an ever-so-slight improvement since I posted it back in August of 2009. I don’t know how many campaigns I’ve launched with this adventure (five or so?) because it pretty much sets the tone of my DMing style. I use simple write-ups, expand on whatever parts the players seem to be interested in, and include the occasional encounter that is way more than any PC group should be trying to handle at their level.

So, a gamer from a couple of the groups I’ve played D&D with over the years (Labyrinth Lord, LL/AEC, 3.5 and Pathfinder in various games) arrived on the blogging scene this past week. I’m hoping he’ll keep blogging, but in the meantime his maps have a certain feel…


His goblin gully is inspired by the first session he ever played in one of my games (I believe) – and his version is significantly more complex than the one I use (with 20 encounter areas more than my version), but his mapping style is awesome. It feels like a mix of mine and something far more mechanically precise than what I can draw (I seem to be allergic to straight lines sometimes).

So go check out The (trapped) Dais and (runed) Column, and his reinterpretation of Goblin Gully.