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As credit cards around the world start to get charged for last month’s patronage, I figured it is time to give a quick accounting of my Patreon campaign.

As of Nov 30th, the total patronage from the campaign is $120.26 per map. This is epic! I mean it. This is EPIC! You rock so fucking hard for supporting me. When I did the pre-launch for the campaign I had figured out three goals.

  • Art! ($15 / map) – I would be able to buy some art for the adventures.
  • Equipment ($30 / map) – I would invest in actual art equipment instead of generic pens and paper
  • Rent! ($120 / map) – I would pay rent

The last goal (rent) was basically thrown in there as a joke. I calculated that if I released 6 maps and/or adventures in a month that I would just be able to squeak out my rent and utilities at that rate.

“There’s no way I’ll wrangle up that much support” I said to myself. I was honestly expecting to spend 2-3 months wrangling up 100 or so patrons at an average investment of 50c each. I knew that this model I had set for myself had been blown out of the water 48 hours later – I still hadn’t gone into a full release of the Patreon campaign (I had asked my google+ circles and the Kicksnarker community for input on the campaign) and I had already exceeded the $30 target and had to add in additional goals before launching.

So, here we are a few weeks later heading into the first billing cycle of the campaign. Starting some time today, Patreon will start charging the credit cards and some time mid-month the results of that (minus credit card fees and a 5% cut to Patreon) the money will show up in my paypal account to make the every-so-painfully slow migration to my bank account.

So this month I have some ‘splaining to do! Expect to see posts about what art supplies and inebriants were acquired with the funding of my patrons.

But I figured I had might as well also talk about the actual patronage pledges.

Each patron sets a pledge level to be paid per map and adventure that I post. Each patron also sets a monthly maximum to be paid. I’ve promised to not go above 10 releases in a month, and will aim to maintain at least 5 per month.

Because of the monthly caps, the actual level of patronage drops off after the first map posted.

Here’s the vitals:

  • First Release: $120.26
  • Second Release: $114.26 (running total: $234.52)
  • Third Release: $111.76 (running total: $346.28)
  • Fourth Release: $105.76 (running total: $452.04)
  • Fifth Release: $103.26 (running total: $555.30)
  • Sixth Release: $89.76 (running total: $654.06)
  • Seventh Release: $84.76 (running total: $729.82)
  • Eighth Release: $84.76 (running total: $814.58)
  • Ninth Release: $79.26 (running total: $893.84)
  • Tenth Release: $79.26 (final total: $973.10)

According to other Patreon creators I should expect about 81-86% of this total to actually show up (due to cards not processing, fees, etc).

So yes, I’ll still be able to make rent this way, but not with the original estimate of 6 maps a month. I’ll definitely need to keep my output at the 9-10 / month level to make the cut.

Which remains… AWESOME.

Thank you for your support. You are the reason I can keep releasing these maps for your use. You make it all possible!

Thank you again for your patronage.